Persia G.A main focous is on the bellow divisions;

Building Improveent Supply

Persia G.A is committed to provide high quality products that enhance the lives of consumers. Our focus is on strengthening world's leadership brands by delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Investments and Property Development

Persia G.A  has  invested  in several commercial and residential real estates to expand and diversify the company’s asset management.
Our company’s economic success is based on generating stand-alone income through its futuristic portfolio of property investments and property development.
Strong growth and a stress on excellence has ensured the company's position as a trendsetter in the property business.

IT & Mobile Phones Distribution

Our reputation, experience and industry knowledge permit us to offer leading products at the lowest possible prices. We strive to offer the best quality of products available on the market to some of the largest and most dynamic companies in the Middle East. Due to our continuing success we were able to expand our business into ever increasing fields of technology.
Our company’s portfolio includes the distribution of  several of the world’s leading laptop and notebook  brands such as Sony , Dell , Toshiba, Acer , HP , Lenovo , Apple  , etc…
 We  understand our customer's requirements - current and future needs and their budgets  and provide THE BEST AVAILABLE  products to them.
 Persia G.A is now established as one of the top successful companies  in IT  field  providing  tailor-made solutions and services reflecting the competence and dedication of our valued staff. This enables Diagram Standard to stay ahead of competition in the rapidly changing IT marketplace.

Kitchen Home Appliances

Persia G.A is the premier resource for kitchen and home appliances in Iran. W we have been helping home builders, kitchen designers, contractors, property managers and homeowners create dream kitchens that are masterpieces of form and function. Our portfolio consists of major brand names which lead the industry in quality, technology, design and innovation.
We specialize in:

  • Supplying builders, remodelers, kitchen designers and their clients.
  • Providing complete kitchen appliance packages for homeowners remodeling their kitchens.
  • Serving general and commercial contractors, property managers, the hospitality industry, schools, hospitals, and offices.


FMCG Supply

We are currently a leading distributor of renowned consumer products in FMCG, Food and Non Food category along with a strong distribution network across the country.
Our Consumer Products Division (CPD) offers a wide range of consumer products covering categories as diverse as batteries & lighting, household, groceries and health and beauty products. Keeping in line with the company’s philosophy that quality is of paramount importance, each product ranks among the best names in its field.
Our Vision has been to be the partner of choice for establishing brands in the region based on a mutually profitable long-term, honest and ethical relationship. We always look forward to tie-up with renowned brands to serve consumer markets and maintain targeted depth and range of distribution to achieve cost efficiencies.